Demons, Hell Hounds, Succubus

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Demons, Hell Hounds, Succubus Empty Demons, Hell Hounds, Succubus

Post  Rachela on Sat Mar 05, 2011 5:43 pm

There are many species of demons, but all have one thing in common: being born or created in hell. Every demon has an angelic ancestor somewhere in history, and many are angels that had been banished to hell instead of being granted permission to be stuck on earth as a fallen.

Regular Demons
Regular demons were born/created in Hell to work for either the devil himself, or some other authority figure down there. They usually have very grumpy, sarcastic, cynical, or just plain unpleasant personalities, but some are different. They can have two forms:
1. Human form - A very human-like form meant to hide their true demonic form. They don't look much different than any other humans other than the fact that some can be very tall (ranging from 7 to 8 feet tall).
2. Demonic Form - Very large beings with reddish skin. They still have human-like appearances, but often have extra limbs or spikes covering the skin. Demonic forms can be truly terrifying and can range in many ways.

They can control hell fire, which is stronger and more dangerous than regular fire. It can also have healing qualities when used correctly. Demons tend to only leave hell when forced -- either by being sent to posses someone, or complete a mission, but some leave on their own will.

Female demons known for their abilities to take on the looks of others identically. They are also known for how they like to seduce men-- then kill them. They also have demonic forms, but they are not as terrifying as regular demons. They have the same powers as demons.

Hell Hounds

Dog-like beings from Hell. They are very much like demons, but are able to morph into hounds. They are ALWAYS aggressive and violent beings

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