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Post  Camille on Thu Mar 17, 2011 12:28 pm

---OOC Information---

Habbo Username: QueenNilan
Real life name: Camille
Age (Optional): 16

---IC Information---

Vital Statistics

Full name: Elissabeta Trista Ryder

Meaning of Name: Dark shadow

Age: 300 but looks 20

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Birthplace: London, England

Current Residence: Arcana

Occupation: Servant to the Mlendeva family

Species: Shade

Nickname: Lissa, Lissie

Sex: Female

Birthday: February 5th

Physical Appearance

Lissa Ryder Violet10

General Description: Different looking. Pretty in her own way

Height: 5 foot 8

Eyes: Blue

Glasses/Contacts: Wears pink colored contacts

Skin Tone: Snow white

Scars: None

Type of Dresser: Wears the uniform she's required to wear for work but she likes it. Off the job she's pretty casual

Build/Weight: 130lbs. Tall and average weight.

Hair Color: Naturally very blonde. Purple tipped and dyed white

Hair Style: Long, straight, and neat

Tattoos/Piercings: Tongue ring but no tattoos

Equipped/Weapons: Only a small knife

Other (Wings, ears, etc): None

Personality & Such

Disabilities: None

Talents: Very fast runner. Incredible memory

Self-Image: Knows her place but isnt afraid to step outside what she's used to

Allergies: None

Weakness: Her past being brought up

Pets: None

Special Abilities/Powers: Can turn into a shadow for a short period of time and manipulate shadows

Popular or Loner: Loner

Bad Habits: Biting her nails

Good Habits: Always being polite

Best Characteristic: Never complaining

Worst Characteristic: Keeping things to herself

Embarrassed by: Her past.

Overall Personality: Very quiet and conservative.

Fears: Someone she loves dying, Demitrius's angry outbursts

Feels Vulnerable When: Demitrius or Ivayla are upset, having to work in stressful situations

Pet Peeves: People speaking too loudly

Sexuality: Bisexual

Thoughts on love & Relationships: Is in love with someone, but will not say whom. Her mind can easily be changed

Equipped: Her notebook, a change purse


Mother: Francine Ryder

Father: Marcellus Ryder

Family Finances: Poor

Birth Order & Siblings: Middle child of 5. Oldest brother Jefferson, then Marina, then her, then her sister Nora, then her brother Henry

Ethnic Heritage: English

Accent: None. Its faded over the years

History: (Please be as detailed as possible here)
Lissa was born into a very poor family in England. Her father was a thief and her mother had to work as a prostitute in order to support their children and provide for them. Jefferson, her oldest brother, was actually an illegitamet child of her father and his real father was one of her mother's "clients", who was a very wealthy man. Her father had an alcohol problem and when Lissa was 6, he was murdered while very drunk. When this happened, Jefferson was forced into having to work even though he was only 14 at the time. When his real father found him, he won custody over him, leaving the family with only their mother to provide for them. Marina was only 16 when she was forced to join her mother in the business. One day, her mother met a very rich woman who offered to let the family live in her guest home as long as they worked for their keep. She fed them and gave them a nice home in exchange for them working as servants to her and her husband.

Both the rich lady and her husband fell into bankruptcy when Lissa was 15, meaning the family had to move out and was back on the streets. Marina had gone off and married a nice man who was able to give her a nice home, but the rest of the family was back to their old ways. When her mother tried to get Lissa to work the streets with her she knew she couldn't and ran away from home in search of a better life. She stumbled across the Mlendeva family while they were making their move to Arcana and was asked to join them and be a maid to the family. Originally, she was in charge of taking care of Ivayla, Demitrius, and the other children, but she was promoted to being in charge of the household itself when she reached the age of 20.

She has lived with the family ever since and has been loyal to them and considers herself a very close friend to them.

Religion: Christian

Favorites (Optional)

Color: Pink

Type of Music: Anything she can dance to

Song/Theme song: Whisper - Evanescence

Place in the RPG: Some place peaceful

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