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Post  Rachela on Sat Mar 05, 2011 7:29 pm

---OOC Information---
Habbo Username: =BlueFire=
Real life name: Rachela Lee!
Age (Optional): 19, but acts more like I'm 9

---IC Information---

Vital Statistics

Full name: Rubia Christina Dae

Meaning of Name: The red gemstone (It's a variant of Ruby)

Age: 18.

Astrological Sign: Pieces.

Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland

Current Residence: Arcana

Occupation: Works as a bar tender.

Species: Crusnik.

Nickname: Rue.

Sex: Female.

Birthday: February 27th.

Physical Appearance

Rubia  Dae Gothicblackhairvampiregirl

General Description: A childish face that is very pretty.

Height: 5' 3''

Eyes: Bright, emerald green

Glasses/Contacts: Reading glasses.

Skin Tone: Snow white pale. Looks rather sickly in some light.

Scars: Only her bite scar on her wrist.

Type of Dresser: Whatever she feels like. She likes to wear punk-style clothing and bright, loud colors.

Build/Weight: Rail thin and a little athletic.

Hair Color: Blue-black.

Hair Style: Short and choppy.

Tattoos/Piercings: Tongue ring, a tattoo of a rose on the back of her shoulder.

Equipped/Weapons: Two throwing knives.

Other (Wings, ears, etc): Fangs, the black wings all Crusniks have.

Personality & Such

Disabilities: None.

Talents: Juggling, dancing.

Self-Image: Rubia doesn't care what others think of her. She knows she doesn't have any money and shows that proudly.

Allergies: Cats.

Weakness: Heat. She can't stand it and if hot enough, will inflict great amounts of pain to her.

Pets: A little rabbit :3

Special Abilities/Powers: Telepathy. Pyro.

Popular or Loner: Very popular.

Bad Habits: Biting her nails.

Good Habits: Being a good sport.

Best Characteristic: Her comedic personality.

Worst Characteristic: Her super fiery temper.

Embarrassed by: How fast she talks when she's excited about something.

Overall Personality: Very childish. She loves to joke around and often takes her jokes too far. She's got the worst temper and finds it hard to calm down when she's angry.

Fears: Spiders, yuck.

Feels Vulnerable When: Having to venture into the rich side of the city for errands.

Pet Peeves: Bratty children.

Sexuality: Bi.

Thoughts on love & Relationships: Could honestly care less. She's a go-with-the-flow type of person when it comes to love.


Mother: Chrissa Dae

Father: Tyson Dae

Family Finances: Middle class, but lost a lot of money when moving to Arcana.

Birth Order & Siblings: Middle child. Two sisters: Esmeralda and Amethyst. A half-brother, Tristan.

Ethnic Heritage: Half Irish, half English

Accent: Irish.

History: (Please be as detailed as possible here) Rubia had a very normal childhood. She grew up in Dublin, Ireland and lived there for most of her life. Her father was human, but her mother was actually half-crusnik. That somehow only got passed down to Rubia, making her a full crusnik. This went undiscovered for most of her life, and it wasn't until her wings were unleashed during a rage-fit that her mom realized she was exactly what she didn't want her daughter to become. When Rubia attacked a man visiting their house, the family was forced to move away from Dublin so that they would not face any trouble. Her father died on the journey to Arcana, and when the four remaining arrived, they were very poor. Rubia's mom took a job working a local bar and re-married shortly after moving there. Her half-brother was born two years later.

When Rubia was 17, her family was officially broke. They had barely any money for food and rent, and her mother made the heartbreaking choice to surrender Amethyst and Tristan to the city's orphanage in the hopes that they would find a better life there. Rubia and her older sister would have been sent as well, but were too old. Rubia was forced to work with her mother at the bar, which was dirty and eventually lead to her becoming deathly ill. Her mother died a week before her 18th birthday.

Religion: Agnostic.

Favorites (Optional)

Color: Purple.

Type of Music: Alternative.

Song/Theme song: Here, Here, and Here - Meg & Dia

Place in the RPG: Anywhere outdoors.

Animal: Dogs

Quote: "Go with the flow"

Author And/Or Book: She doesn't read much

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Post  Ross on Sun Mar 13, 2011 1:20 pm

Am surprised you went Crusnik.
Am also surprised you went with a poor char.
Is awesome. Very Happy

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