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Post  Rachela on Sat Mar 05, 2011 5:42 pm

They are NOT humans that have died and been sent to heaven, as they are not angels. All angels have wings. They are known to be very friendly creatures that find other species fascinating, and they get along with mostly everybody but their fallen friends and demons. All are musically gifted-- some more than others.

Regular Angels

The most common type of angelic beings, angels only have two wings. Their wings are usually white, but can be silver-y and even light blue. They come with the standard angelic powers of heavenly fire, telepathy, and the ability to speak every language and communicate with animals. Every angel is good looking with rounder, classic features. (Angels can also be guardians upon swearing a blood oath to the person they are becoming guardian too)

More powerful angels with a lot of influence over the other angels. They have two wings as well, but theirs are often gold or silver. Arch-angels actually have halos as well; some are visible, while many can only be seen as rings of light above the head when it is dark.They have the same powers as angels, but each arch is given a special sword upon their graduation up into the arch-angel position. Each sword is very unique in its own way.

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