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Post  Greg on Sun Mar 27, 2011 2:46 pm

--OOC Information---
Habbo Username: Evander-Brogan
Real life name: Greg
Age (Optional): 18

---IC Information---

Vital Statistics

Full name: Jamison Alexander Carter

Meaning of Name: He who supplants

Age: 900, but looks to be 24

Astrological Sign: Leo

Birthplace: Bucharest, Romania

Current Residence: He is currently living in Mlendeva Manor in Demitrius's old bedroom

Occupation: Wealthy Merchant, but trained as a silversmith

Species: Lycan

Nickname: Jay

Sex: Male

Birthday: August 10th

Physical Appearance
Jamison Carter 103605

General Description: Very dark and intimidating, yet he has a very boy-ish and warm smile

Height: 6' 6''.

Eyes: Warm brown

Glasses/Contacts: None

Skin Tone: Pale

Scars: Several along his back and torso. There's a deep scar on the back of his neck from where he was shot.

Type of Dresser: Casual, but never sloppily. He always likes to look comfortable, but good.

Build/Weight: Very tall. He towers over mostly everyone. Very muscular and powerful looking.

Hair Color: Black

Hair Style: Neat, but a little longer than most styles.

Tattoos/Piercings:A large tribal pattern tattoo on his back that covers 90 percent of his scars. Only his ear is pierced.

Equipped/Weapons: A huge sword that he made himself.

Other (Wings, ears, etc): When in his lycan form, he has white fur and is huge.

Personality & Such

Disabilities: The bullet that's buried in the back of his neck gives him frequent pain whenever it's irritated.

Talents: He's an excellent silversmith. He can make just about anything. He's also a very fast runner and an amazing swordsman

Self-Image: He sees himself equal with others. The only people he views himself above are those that put down others.

Allergies: None

Weakness: Silver, surprisingly. But because of his trade, he's built up quite the immunity. It only bothers him in large amounts and when it's directly on the skin

Pets: A raven that he uses to deliver messages

Special Abilities/Powers: Dark magic, enhanced senses.

Popular or Loner: About half-and-half. He can be a loner when among new people, but can also be a socialite if he's with at least one familiar face

Bad Habits: He thinks out loud quite often

Good Habits: A careful thinker

Best Characteristic: His charming personality and comforting smile

Worst Characteristic: He's too quick to assume things when those he cares about are in danger

Embarrassed by: How he cannot seem to let go of certain emotions for some people

Overall Personality: While most of the upper class-men are not so friendly, Jamison has a huge heart and is very caring. When he's made a friend, he's incredibly loyal and would not do anything to jeopardize the friendship. He's very defensive and opinionated though and always has to have the final word.

Fears: Seeing those he cared for hurt, being accused of something he didn't do

Feels Vulnerable When: He is judged automatically as being a bad person because he is wealthy

Pet Peeves: People who are too loud

Sexuality: Straight

Thoughts on love & Relationships:Jamison is quick to fall for someone. At the same time, he's still holding onto some emotions for someone he once loved in his past.

Equipped: Several flasks with elixirs and medicines, as well as one of rum.


Mother: Talliana Carter

Father: Samauela Carter

Family Finances: Middle Class.

Birth Order & Siblings: Oldest. Had 10 other brothers and sisters.

Ethnic Heritage: 100 percent Romanian, but his last name is English because his father changed it

Accent: Thickly Romanian

Jamison was born into a middle class family. His father was the town's silversmith and his mother came from a wealthy family. While his father had a son from his previous marriage (that wife had died 30 years prior to his birth), he was the oldest in his family as that son was made a servant to the others. Jamison was adored by both his parents while he was growing up. His father was very good friends with Viktor Mlendeva (the two had met through their parents while they were growing up), and to keep this friendship going permanently, it was arranged that Jamison would be married to his oldest daughter, Adelina, when he was only 15. While the two were not pressured into a romantic relationship, their parents made sure they were around each other frequently so the two would get to know each other. Meanwhile, Jamison was being taught his father's trade. He and Adelina could not stand each other, and she soon died when she was 16 from a flu.

Devastated, Jamison's mother decided to put off him getting married so he could focus on his education and learning his trade. A private tutor was hired for him and he was a very smart student. When he was 20, it was decided he would be given another shot and marriage and another arrangement was made with the Mlendeva family. This time, it was decided he would marry Ivayla Mlendeva, even though she was 15 at the time and 5 years younger than him. They were not rushed into marrying each other, and weren't even forced to hang around each other. Two years past and the finally became friends. Jamison quickly fell in love with her, and when she did not return his feelings, he was heart broken. The two stopped being around each other, and after a month of not seeing each other, Jamison went to visit her only to find that her entire family had packed up and moved to Arcana.

That same night, Jamison was walking home when he was attacked by a lycan. The lycan dragged him far away from the village with every intent to kill the boy, but when it realized its power and potential he had to become a strong lycan, it had a change of mind and bit him. The lycan ran away from the area and left Jamison for dead. He bled for three whole hours, passing in and out of states of consciousness before he finally was fully turned and able to heal himself. In a state of shock, he ran away from the town and found himself somewhere in Russia days later. He lived in the wilderness alone for a very long time before moving to Arcana for the first time in 1610. He lived among the upper class, and unlike most, did not make his money from inheriting it but by actually working hard for it as his job as a silversmith. He was known to have crafted some of the most well known swords the time. He avoided the Mlendeva family for the most part, but did run into them on the occasion.

In 1803, he met a woman among the upper class and the two were married five years later. They lived together happily, but chose to move out of Arcana to the country side in 1820. They had a set of twin sons together: Axel and Nicholas. Sadly, they only lived to be 9 years old though. One day, one of the riots that had started in Arcana from the revolution found its way up in the country side and right in the village the Carter family lived in. Many of the people in this riot were drunk and the entire place was torched. Only Jamison and three others in the entire place were able to escape and make it out of the village without being burned alive. This completely crushed his spirit as his sons were his world. He completely disappeared from the entire area, and what he did during that time is a mystery to everyone.

He recently returned to Arcana, now stronger and a better person than ever. He hopes to have a fresh start with everyone.

Religion: Doesn't believe in god, but does believe there is something bigger out there.

Favorites (Optional)

Color: Green

Type of Music: Rock

Song/Theme song: The Bird & The Worm - The Used

Place in the RPG: The street.

Quote: "You might want to actually get to know somebody before making judgements"


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Post  Beckii on Sun Mar 27, 2011 3:00 pm

Wow! He's well fit.. His history is well sad O.o ;(


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