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Post  Rachela on Sat Mar 05, 2011 5:41 pm


The result of 100% Angelic and a 100% Demonic being having a child. They are incredibly rare. As far as physical appearances go, they can swing both ways (looking more angelic or more demonic), or being split evenly. They usually have taller, more muscular builds and are always pyrokenetic. They can either have the feathery angelic wings, or the leathery demonic style wings (there is even the rare occasion of the wings being a combination of both). They are able to speak most languages (apart from Enochian and Demonic, as they cannot mentally handle the conflicting species's languages), fly, and are usually also telepaths. They are considered a disgrace by both angels and other demons.


Another rare hybrid: half human and half angel. There are very few first generation nephilim left, but many second generation. Like the Orinias, they are frowned upon by angels. They appear to be more human than anything, and do not show any angelic qualities until they hit their late teens. They have feathery wings, but they are only unleashed during situations that require their use (this cannot be controlled no matter how old a nephlilim is unless the wings are surgically broken and forced out permanently), and are a little more attractive than other humans. They are very lucky in being able to communicate with animals and learn most languages, but will never be able to fully learn Enochian.

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