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Post  Rachela on Sat Mar 05, 2011 5:40 pm

Imps are very small creatures that appear to have once had wings, but now only have stubs where the wings would have been. They have human-like bodies, but are usually more slender and appear malnourished. If an Imp were to try to reproduce with another Imp the child would turn out to look much like a imp, but it would have small horns on its head. These creatures are called Implings, and they almost never reach the age of 4. If an female Imp were to reproduce with a Faerie, the child would turn out as an Impling, but if a male Imp were to reproduce with a Faerie, the child would turn out as a wingless faerie which are very rare but live very long lives. Every Imp originated from the Faerie realm, but they were cast off by the Seelie Court (Fae Monarchy) much like fallen angels and heaven, although the Imps who were once Faeries are changed, their wings crumple and fall off, their skin and hair colour changes, everything colourful is drained from them, except for their eyes which are kept the same colour.

Imps are able to change their size, from human size to a very small size about 5 inches tall. Another power the Imps contain is their sorrowful singing voice, which will make anyone who hears it cry and be depressed until the song is out of range. Depending on the type of Faerie the Imp was before it became an Imp makes the creature look different.

Forest Fae into Imp:
The Imp would have skin slightly tinted brownish green, it would also have slight power over dead or wilting plants, but when used it would cause harm to the Imp.

Fire Fae into Imp:
The Imp would have power over ashes and be able to control them to her or his will. The Imp would remain unharmed by using these powers.

Water Fae into Imp:
The Imp would be a dark, brownish purple in appearance and he or she would only have control over dirtied rain water, like puddles.


Faeries are very small, delicate creatures with wings. They have human-like bodies, but are generally shorter and thinner in size. Depending on what type of faerie, the skin is sometimes tinted a different color. All faeries are from the faerie realm, and have connections to the Seelie Court (Fae monarchy)

Forest Fae
The most common type of faerie, forest faeries are known for their friendliness and charming personalities. They have the ability to manipulate any form of plant life, and have wings that often resemble leaves or flower petals.

Water Fae

A relatively less common type of faerie, they are able to manipulate water and ice. They're skin is often tinted blue and are known to be quieter and more reserved in nature. They enjoy the rain and have wings that sometimes have snowflake patterns, or are light blue.

Fire Fae
As the name implies, fire fae are able to manipulate fire and heat energy. They have quick tempers and are quite sarcastic. They're skin can be either tinted red, orange, or yellow and have wings that match those

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Post  Lane on Sat Mar 05, 2011 6:08 pm

I originally made the imp part ^_^

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