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Kaito Vettitetchi  ~*~ Master of Sound ~*~ Empty Kaito Vettitetchi ~*~ Master of Sound ~*~

Post  Sage, on Sat Mar 12, 2011 12:22 pm

---OOC Information---

Habbo Username: Rudedog04
Real life name: Sage
Age (Optional): 17

---IC Information---

Vital Statistics

Full name: Kaito Vettitetchi

Meaning of Name: Master of Sound.

Age: 26

Astrological Sign: Vergo

Birthplace: Florence Italy

Current Residence: Any place that is able to be rented for the night.

Occupation: Pending.

Species: Human

Nickname: Kaito

Sex: Male

Birthday: Hes not sure, he just says hes 26, because thats how many winters hes been alive to remember.

Physical Appearance Kaito Vettitetchi  ~*~ Master of Sound ~*~ Shadow_Warrior

General Description: Slinder, and well built.

Height: 5'9

Eyes: Light blue with tented dull grey.

Glasses/Contacts: None.

Skin Tone: Tannish

Scars: None.

Type of Dresser: Robing, he normally wears the robeing of a mage, but with the hood of an assassian.

Build/Weight: Very muscular, and slinder. 135 lbs

Hair Color: Dull grey/Off Black.

Hair Style: Shaggy.

Tattoos/Piercings: He has one tattoo on his stomach depicting a swirl with the jappanese symbols meaning Love, Hate, War, Peace.

Equipped/Weapons: Thunder Pound, Gods Wrath, both gauntlets that do Electricity damage, and Fire damage, you can kind of guess which does what. Throwing Needles, a walking cane, and a small book which he constantly reads.

Other (Wings, ears, etc): None.

Personality & Such

Disabilities: None.

Talents: He can play any instrument without flaw.

Self-Image: A normal person.

Allergies: None.

Weakness: Heights he HATES heights.

Pets: None.

Special Abilities/Powers: He can controle Fire and Electricity.

Popular or Loner: Inbetween.

Bad Habits: None.

Good Habits: Makeing people happy.

Best Characteristic: Being happy.

Worst Characteristic: Being quiet.

Embarrassed by: His fears.

Overall Personality: Good.

Fears: Heights.

Feels Vulnerable When: His friends are in trouble and he is helpless against them.

Pet Peeves: When people annoy him.

Sexuality: Straight.

Thoughts on love & Relationships: Love to him is just a pigment of imagination to only make those foolish enough to believe in "Love" feel wanted or needed. Though he loves, he loves very scarcily.

Equipped: Thunder Pound, Gods Wrath, Throwing Needles, Robes, the Book, and the Cane.


Mother: Unknown.

Father: Unknown.

Family Finances: He makes his way.

Birth Order & Siblings: No siblings. That he remembers.

Ethnic Heritage: Not sure, hes always in question.

Accent: Italian.

History: His history and memorie has been completely erased from him. He has no recolection of his past life. Though he sometimes has visions of people he seems to some how remember, but not who they are, just their faces.

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