Reka Vecente Unichi (Wolf Demon)

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Reka Vecente Unichi (Wolf Demon) Empty Reka Vecente Unichi (Wolf Demon)

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---OOC Information---

Habbo Username: Rudedog04
Real life name: Sage
Age (Optional): 17

---IC Information---

Vital Statistics

Full name: Reka Vecente Unichi

Meaning of Name: A Shadows Whisper.

Age: Appears 23, actual age Unknown.

Astrological Sign: Vergo

Birthplace: Tenzuchi, Japan a small village in the Tenzu Mountains of old Japan.

Current Residence: The rich side of town in his Mansion.

Occupation: None, so far.

Species: Wolf Demon

Nickname: None.

Sex: Male

Birthday: Unknown.

Physical Appearance : Human Form: Reka Vecente Unichi (Wolf Demon) 213631_1238676772657_full

Sublevel Wolf Demon Form: Reka Vecente Unichi (Wolf Demon) Wolf_Demon

Full Wolf Demon Form: Reka Vecente Unichi (Wolf Demon) 1154150347_zdemonwolf

General Description: He is slinder, and well built. He has three forms, Human, Sublevel, and Full form. each haveing a different appearance, and power levels.

Height: Normal and Sublevel form is 6'2 Full form he messures 60 miles in the air tall.

Eyes: He has four sets of eyes. His Dull grey in his human form his Bright Red in his Sublevel form, his all black in his true form, and the Unichi Clan Eye. A power only able to hoisted by the Unichis. The Unichi Eye allows them to see a thin white outline of their body, and see all of the vital orgins inside the body.

Glasses/Contacts: None.

Skin Tone: Tannish.

Scars: Scars all over his body, a massive one across his left eye down his right side face, and onto his right collar bone.

Type of Dresser: Nice cloths, normally slacks, and a dress shirt under a suit jacket.

Build/Weight: He is very muscular, and clinder. He weighs in human form 156 lbs pure muscle. In Sublevel he is 2 thousand lbs. and in True form he is 5 billion Googleplex.

Hair Color: Dull Grey/Off Black.

Hair Style: Free Flow.

Tattoos/Piercings: None.

Equipped/Weapons: Kitchito Blade of Shadows. Throwing needles, and Trip Wire.

Other: He has ears normally, in all forms. His wings only appear from his ture form. His ten tails appear in this true form as well. He has no tail in normal form, in sublevel form he has five of them.

Personality & Such

Disabilities: None.

Talents: He can play the Pan-Flute very well.

Self-Image: He thinks of him self as a average person. Never really wanting to stand out much.

Allergies: None.

Weakness: His only weakness is his memories.

Pets: Roc, and Kota. Roc is a black Hawk from hell, having the powers of any normal demon. Kota, is a black but purple tainted male wolf.

Special Abilities/Powers: He has stated befor has the Unichi Clan eye, he controles all things shadow, and can manipulate bugs to his wills. He has a few strikes hes made his own, called Black Luster Strike, Shadow Funeral, and Blue Palm Purge.

Popular or Loner: He is popular amungst the Rich people, the poor people as well. He some times take the poor in and feeds them and houses them for one night.

Bad Habits: Sarcasm.

Good Habits: Being funny to an extent that everyone likes it.

Best Characteristic: He is very calm.

Worst Characteristic: He taps his fingures when in a crowed.

Embarrassed by: What he thinks his house looks unfinished all the time.

Overall Personality: Very likable, and very calm, and collective.

Fears: His memoires.

Feels Vulnerable When: People exploite his memories against him.

Pet Peeves: When people annoy him.

Sexuality: Straight

Thoughts on love & Relationships: Love is to only ease the pain of lonelieness, though he loves too.

Equipped: Kitchito, Throwing Needles, Trip Wire, Extra clothing, a walking cane, and a thousand dollars on him at all times.


Mother: Victoria Unichi

Father: Reka Vecente Unichi the first.

Family Finances: 900 Billion dollars.

Birth Order & Siblings: Birth order and siblings from first to last. Cyrus, Nikki, Oro, Reka.

Ethnic Heritage: None.

Accent: Latin he sounds like Ezio off of Assassians Creed Two.

History: He was born to the village a third. Meaning the Cheif was so delighted by the improvements the first two siblings made in the village that he allowed his mother and father to produce a third child. When he turned 5 he was sent to the village millitary camp to learn all the ways of the Wolf Demon Warrior. He exceld all befor and above him in only 3 months, reaching the rank of Captain at the age of 5 still. When he turned 7 he was promoted to Brigadier Captin Rank 5. He was then incharge of about 500 foot soldires and 300 Horse Riders. From then on he won 5 major battles, this all spanning threw his age of 10. Thats when he met the one named Gregor. Gregor was a village outcast, and was hated by all. Reka didnt understand this so he spoke to Gregor, and Gregor told him he has two choices, A: Being he must flee the village and never come back. Or B: Stay, and eventually kill the whole village everyone in it encludeing his family. Reka did not beleive the crazed old lunitic and stayed in the village. Apon his 13'th birthday, Reka was possessed by his inner Wolf Demon, and massacured everyone in the village. It was only luck that one Elder, Elder Tokuimitso, was able to put a holding seal on his inner demon, befor he was struck down. This limited Reka's full potential until he reached the age of 20, apon that day the world is said to come to an end, only rumors hes heard. But now he is married to his Beautiful bride Sinopa Myst (Unichi), and has a child Balta Vecente Unichi. They live happily together with their maids, and army along with Oro, and Axta.

Religion: None.

Favorites (Optional)

Color: Sanguine Red

Type of Music: Metal/Classical Metal.

Song/Theme song: Disturbed: Serpintine Album: Asylum.

Place in the RPG: Rich Side.

Animal: Wolf

Quote: "Life is short Enjoy each moment".

Author And/Or Book: Hermbious Cerpatnus Author: Unknown.

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