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Post  Greg on Sun Mar 06, 2011 3:13 pm

---OOC Information---

Habbo Username: Evander-Brogan
Real life name: Greg
Age (Optional): 18

---IC Information---

Vital Statistics

Full name: Demitrius Vladimir Mlendeva

Meaning of Name: Earth Father

Age: 450, but will always look 25

Astrological Sign: Leo

Birthplace: Sofia, Bulgaria

Current Residence: Mlendeva Manor in Arcana

Occupation: None, he's far too lazy to do any real work.

Species: Extremely talented hunter Sominium

Nickname: Dee.

Sex: Male

Birthday: August 10th

Physical Appearance

Demitrius Mlendeva Vampire

General Description: Very attractive in a classic sort of way, but intimidating at the same time.

Height: 6' 5''

Eyes: Crimson red.

Glasses/Contacts: None.

Skin Tone: Fair. Very faintly tanned

Scars: Several along his forearms and around his ankles.

Type of Dresser: Very formal. He likes to wear suits

Build/Weight: Tall and intimidatingly muscular.

Hair Color: Ash blonde with some brownish streaks.

Hair Style: Longer. Ends at his ear lobes, but never messy.

Tattoos/Piercings: No piercings but several tribal style tattoos on his forearms

Equipped/Weapons: The sword that has been in his family for generations.

Other (Wings, ears, etc): Fangs he had surgically implanted in his jaw.

Personality & Such

Disabilities: Anxiety attacks when put into too much stress at once.

Talents: A good artist and a skilled swordsman.

Self-Image: Demitrius knows she's better than everyone else and he shows it by the way he talks to others.

Allergies: None

Weakness: Because of an accident he was in as a child, Demitrius will actually confuse other peoples memories for his own at times.

Pets: None. He doesn't like animals much.

Special Abilities/Powers: Telepathic, gyrokenetic (gravity manip), able to see into the memories and dreams of others.

Popular or Loner: Quite popular. He's very charming and outgoing.

Bad Habits: He always holds a grudge and is quick to judge others.

Good Habits: His gentleman-ish ways and how he's always polite to women unless one has done something to anger him.

Best Characteristic: He's good at calming others down

Worst Characteristic: Not so good at calming himself down

Embarrassed by: How friendly Ivayla can be with the lower class, his father letting himself be killed when the city was so young.

Overall Personality: Demitrius is somewhat of a fake. To everyone he seems outgoing and charming and reliable, but really cannot stand the complaining of the lower class. He longs for power and would do mostly everything to get it. He's got a mean streak in him and is excellent at holding grudges against others, and has a very furious and relentless temper.

Fears: Ivayla rising up into power.

Feels Vulnerable When: Having to work with Ivayla or any of her supporters.

Pet Peeves: Poor dressers.

Sexuality: Straight

Thoughts on love & Relationships: Feels that love only leads to weakness, but may fall for the right girl.


Mother: Kassina Mlendeva

Father: Vladimir Mlendeva

Family Finances: Very rich. Old Money

Birth Order & Siblings: Oldest. One other sister, Mirrisha, who died.

Ethnic Heritage: Bulgarian.

Accent: Heavily Bulgarian, but in a rather attractive way.

Demitrius was born in Sofia, Bulgaria to the very wealthy and well known Mlendeva family. His parents were well known Sominiums that had a very good reputation among most others. He had a very formal upbringing with several of the best tutors in the country at the time and also was taught to paint. As a child and teenager, he was very pleasant to be around and had no trouble making friends. His older sister was kidnapped when she was 15 and brutally killed by humans, which made him hate nearly every other human. When his uncle Viktor made the offer to take his family with them to the area that is now Arcana, Demitrius's father gladly accepted and mad the move to the city.

After the city was officially founded, Vladimir was killed by another human that lived some distance away. He developed a hate for his father to cope with the feelings of grief that came with his death and took up swordsmanship. He became very talented with it and was known to be one of the best in the city. His hate for other beings only grew when his uncle and aunt were assassinated by the tyrant that would soon rule over the city. While his two beloved cousins, Ivayla and Avin, were locked away inside the manor, Demitrius ran away from the city and wound up living in London for a good chunk of time. He studied more there and met many more mythical beings like himself, that he brought back with him to Arcana when he returned. At this time, when he returned, Ivayla and Avin had been released from the manor and were beginning to fight with the revolutionists. Appauled by their willingness to help the lower class-men, he moved back into the manor and locked himself away until the revolution had settled down. Upon this happening, he realized how the power had fallen back in the rich's favor. He saw this as an opportunity and is now in a constant struggle to gain more favor than Ivayla and lead the city.

Religion: Agnostic.

Favorites (Optional)

Color: Red

Type of Music: Classical.

Song/Theme song: Sell Your Soul - Hollywood Undead

Place in the RPG: The capitol.

Animal: Dogs.

Quote: "And who the hell do you think YOU are?"


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Post  Ross on Thu Mar 10, 2011 1:49 pm

Seems like an interesting bloke.

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