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Post  Lane on Sun Mar 06, 2011 3:09 pm

---OOC Information---

Habbo Username: BlueThorn
Real life name: Lane
Age (Optional): 12

---IC Information---

Vital Statistics

Full name: Damon Caine Xavier

Meaning of Name: (Damon) To Tame, Subdue (Caine) Son Of The Fighter (Xavier) The New House

Age: 14

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Birthplace: Unknown

Current Residence: Dublin

Occupation: Apprentice To Nathaniel Dusk

Species: Warlock

Nickname: Day

Sex: Male

Birthday: February 10th

Damon Xavier 2nkszvb

Physical Appearance

General Description: Good looking, Slender, Buff

Height: 5'7

Eyes: Gorgeous Grey-ish Blue

Glasses/Contacts: None

Skin Tone: Tan

Scars: Many Along His Chest, One Large One On His Back

Type of Dresser: Comfortable, Clean

Build/Weight: Defined Muscles And Abs, Slender

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hair Style: Shaggy, Casually Messed Up

Tattoos/Piercings: "BĂ thaidh uisge teth teine." Which Means "Hot Water Will Quench Fire." In Gaelic Is Tattoed On His Right Bicep.

Equipped/Weapons: Dagger With Bronze Blade And A Steel Handle

Other (Wings, ears, etc): None

Personality & Such

Disabilities: None

Talents: Fast Runner, Talented In Magick

Self-Image: Good Looking, Not Conceited

Allergies: None

Weakness: Loved Ones In Peril

Pets: None

Special Abilities/Powers: Talented In Element Magick, Telepathy & Telekinesis

Popular or Loner: Popular

Bad Habits: Talks Alot

Good Habits: Smiles & Laughs Alot

Best Characteristic: His Smile

Worst Characteristic: His Hands, As They Are Usually Burnt And Cut Up

Embarrassed by: His Hands

Overall Personality: Very Kind, Friendly & Trust Worthy

Fears: Being Murdered By Nate

Feels Vulnerable When: Nate Threatens Him Or Makes Fun Of Him

Pet Peeves: When People Put Themselves Down

Sexuality: Straight

Thoughts on love & Relationships: He Thinks Love Is A Natural Thing, That It's Good


Mother: Isabella Violet-Xavier (Dead)

Father: Everett Xavier (Dead), Nathaniel Dusk (Adoptive)

Family Finances: They Get Along

Birth Order & Siblings: Only Child

Ethnic Heritage: English, Irish

Accent: Irish

History: (Please be as detailed as possible here)

Damon and his family were poor. They lived in a small house near the forest, where Damon usually played and practised his Magick. Damon was the only one in the family who had learnt Magick, so his parents were quite proud. One day when Damon was 6 he went off to play in the forest as usual and spent a couple hours there as usual. The time went by quickly but it soon grew dark and he had to go home, but a horrible surprise awaited him once he got there. Damon found his father dead on the floor along with his mother. He was horrified, it was obviously a murder. Damon ran from his village, hoping to never see it again. He was found soon, but not by good people. An evil society had taken him and brought him to a headquarters. He was put into a dungeon like place where it was murky and wet. He had spent a couple days there until there was an assasin raid in the building. He was found in the cell by Nathaniel Dusk, a trained assasin. The man pitied him and took him on as an adopted son and his apprentice. Damon was forever grateful of this and was given the middle name Caine, which meant "son of the warrior".

Religion: Catholic

Favorites (Optional)

Color: Blue

Type of Music: Irish Rock (Forced By Nathaniel)

Song/Theme song: None

Place in the RPG: Wherever Nathaniel Or Raine Is Or By His Favorite Tree.

Animal: Lynx

Quote: "You're very depressing, you know that right?"

Author And/Or Book: None

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Damon Xavier Empty Re: Damon Xavier

Post  Ross on Thu Mar 10, 2011 1:05 pm

I would never murder him.
Well I might now that you've mentioned it.

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