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Sominiums. Empty Sominiums.

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Often mistaken for demons, sominiums are actually humanoids. They are mistaken because of the strange, rune-like markings that pattern most of their skin. They are a very ancient species, and markings on their arms are actually the dreams of their ancestors. Sominiums are able to invade the dreams and memories of others and manipulate them to their own will. They can also project the dreams and memories of others/themselves to other people. Although they seem like trouble, they are actually peaceful for the most part. Unless the Sominium is of an elder rank, he or she must know the person they are manipulating very well, or else they will face a mental block. Because of the rarity of the species, they tend to try and not get themselves killed and rarely endanger themselves.

There are three kinds of Sominiums

Temptress Sominiums

Incredibly beautiful women that are similar to succubi in the sense that they must feed from men: but they don't feed from lustful emotions, rather by the energy their memories or dreams give off. Oddly enough, many temptress sominiums are gifted musicians, and because of this, have earned the nickname "sirens of the land".

Hunter Sominiums

Can be either male or female, but more commonly male. As their name implies, they are gifted hunters and use their powers to help with this. While this is the most common species of Sominium, the very talented hunters are becoming rarer and rarer due to mix-species families becoming more socially acceptable.

Record Sominiums

The rarest type. There are very few that are young, and those that are living are usually over five hundred years old. They have access to every memory and dream that anyone in their family has ever had.

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