Vampires (Psionic, Crusniks, Normal)

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Vampires (Psionic, Crusniks, Normal) Empty Vampires (Psionic, Crusniks, Normal)

Post  Rachela on Sat Mar 05, 2011 5:46 pm

Vampires come in many forms. They are known for their formality and classy personalities and style.

Blood Sucking Vampires
The most common type of vampire that feeds from blood. They can feed from any type of blood-- thought human blood is generally most preferred. Most are old, as vampires bitten after the 20th century are relatively rare. They can have a variety of powers and come with enhanced senses and a shiny set of fangs. Many also have enhanced physical abilities.

Psionic Vampires
One of the rarest species of vampires, psionic (sometimes known as psychic) vampires feed from the energy, souls, or essences of others. They are generally very quiet and calm by nature, and most have blue or violet eyes from their diet. Older psionics can also feed from auras. They often have enhanced senses, but only rarely have enhanced physical abilities. They are generally telepathic and empathetic.

Crusniks/Krusniks (Can be spelt both ways)
The rarest form of vampire that actually feeds from other vampires. They are often looked down upon by other vamps and are considered cannibalistic. They have large black wings that can retract into their bodies, as well as claws. They are naturally skilled with weapons, and can also have a range of powers, but more commonly have elemental abilities.

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