RULES (Please Read Upon Joining)

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RULES (Please Read Upon Joining) Empty RULES (Please Read Upon Joining)

Post  Jessyka on Sat Mar 05, 2011 5:19 pm

-Jessyka (ShadowMarie1850 on Habbo)
-Rachela (=BlueFire= on Habbo)
-Greg (Evander-Brogan on Habbo)
-Lane (BlueThorn on Habbo
-Rebecca (Smarty291 on Habbo)

Forum Rules

■Always post in the appropriate category.
■Do not spam.
■ Be respectful to others. Do not insult or trash anyone OOCly. If you have a problem with someone, take it outside of the forum. This is not a place for flame wars.
■Swearing is allowed, but please, don't use it excessively as it may offend some.
■Do not copy others ICly. Try to make your characters are original as possible, and what not. If you suspect that someone will find your character too-similar to theirs, ask their permission before using that quality or character.

RP Rules

■4 or more words per-line, please. 3 wording is considered void. Fillers are allowed (As I, With Ease, As I then... Etc), but generally frowned upon by other members.
■No double actioning.
■Everyone is able to be killed in some way, shape or form. It does not matter what species you are, you're still able to die.
■Respect ALL members & admins OOCly. I don't care if you don't particularly like somebody-- do NOT treat them like crap. If you are caught harrassing another member for ANY reason, you will be punished as fit. Disrespecting an admin can lead to automatic banning.
■There is absolutely NO randoming allowed. Randoming is the attacking, injuring, or killing of another persons character for absolutely no reason. Attacking another character because you don't like that particular species also counts as randoming. You must have some motivation behind the attack, as well have also interacted with that character before. If you are caught randoming, you will be suspended from the RPG for a full day (24 hours, not when you wake back up and log back on in the morning or whenever). Repeat offences will be permenantly banned.
■5 lines to injure, 8 to maim/seriously injure, 11 to KO, 16 to kill. There is no perm-killing. Death time is half an hour (30 minutes)
■Do not use excessive OOC in IC rooms. It is annoying and pointless. A little every so often is fine, but too much will disrupt over members RPing in the area and what not. If you are caught using too much OOC, you will recieve a strike. You have 3 strikes until you get suspended for a day.
■Guns are allowed, but greatly frowned upon. This is a descriptive/plot based RPG, meaning fighting and killing is not the soul purpose of it. If you are seeking a place like that, we ask that you try another RP.

If you would like to report something to an admin, ask us a question, suggest something, or just feel like saying hi, please post in the Question/Comments/Suggestion category, OR send us a private message, either on the forum or on mini-mail on habbo.

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